About Me

I truly believe design has the power to change the world and I love to play a part in it.

In my 10 years of experience as a designer, I've shifted from a career in graphic and web design to UI/UX as a way to use design to solve big problems and help real people. I enjoy getting my hands on the full scope of a project, starting with user research and strategy, designing IA and workflows, rough sketching and prototyping, all the way to handing off pixel-perfect designs to developers and reviewing implementation. And always: testing, refining, repeating.

If you're here lurking, please feel free to see my process, view my work, or send me an email—I'd love to say hi! 

Outside of Work

I'm into health and wellness, diversity and inclusion, and personal development (yes, I love the Enneagram, thanks for asking). I love to travel, try new restaurants, and exercise my open mind by watching documentaries.

I also love giving back, especially to design students who are starting their careers. I've enjoyed being a panelist or speaker at a handful of local conferences in Baton Rouge and Baltimore. Mentoring and sharing my knowledge and resources with those who are eager to learn is what I 💜 to do, which is what led me to start my YouTube channel in 2017.

Fun Facts

Where I've called home: Bay Area, CA  → Central Coast, CA → Baton Rouge, LA → Baltimore, MD

ENFJ/Enneagram 1w2: Super empathetic, detail-oriented, works well with structure, seeks harmonious relationships, reliable and happy to help out.

Anosmic: Almost 0 sense of smell (I also wear glasses so I guess you could say I'm doing pretty well as far as senses go)

Probably Trader Joe's #1 customer

Fur mom to a very fluffy orange cat (Einstein) and a rescued greyhound (Waffles Eugenia)

© Christine Maggi 2020

© Christine Maggi 2020